Seduced (Lost in Oblivion, #0.5)

Seduced (Lost in Oblivion, volume 0.5)


Kindle Edition, Pages: 367

Genres: Romance, New Adult, Music, Contemporary Romance

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Book Summary

Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00DSDPPA6

Book 0.5 of the rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion.
Music kept them going. Now it might tear them apart…
Guitarist Nick Crandall has one focus in his life‚ÄĒOblivion, the band he started with his closest friends, lead singer Simon Kagan and bassist Deacon McCoy. After losing their drummer to rehab, they‚Äôre struggling. Until Deacon poses a surprising suggestion.
Bring in someone new. Two new someones, and one of them happens to be a chick.
One YouTube video gone viral later, the band is heading to the top faster than they ever dreamed.
If the band doesn‚Äôt break up‚ÄĒand hearts don‚Äôt get broken‚ÄĒbefore they manage to sign their first recording contract.
**The guys are in the drivers seat in Seduced…and the rides gonna rock. This prequel is the novel-length introduction to the band Oblivion and occurs before the books about each of the band members.**

Reader Reviews
  •    Faetilar Briscolino
    When I saw the offering of reading this book as an arc for a blog tour, I was immediately excited to read this book. I'm definitely a sucker for NA Rock Romances. It's a complete shame that I ended up having to contact the host due to the fact that I could not review this book in a manner that would make it appropriate for a tour.

    I'm actually fairly confused by all the high ratings on this book. I feel like I must have read something completely different than all these five stars. I mean, this really wasn't even a romance, to me it seemed more like a "lets gang bang the drummer" kind of book.

    Okay, now I understand that this book does have a disclaimer saying it's for audiences above 18 due to drug use and graphic sex, but it also says it's NA. Now I know that NA books often have sex and drug use, but this is extreme. Extreme to the point where I honestly think whoever dubbed this book NA has a completely different understanding of what NA is than I do. From everything I've read, it's a coming of age kind of deal, yes.. when you're coming of age, you may have sex or use drugs, but this honestly was more along the lines of erotica. Creepy Erotica. Maybe I was a sheltered new adult, but seriously? Threesomes with two band mates? That left a disgusting slimy feel to me.

    Frankly, this book is exactly the opposite of what I expected. Yes, I love a good rock romance, but this focused a lot more on the music than the romance, and as I'm not a big fan of music, I was left bored often. I really couldn't care less about this fictional band or it's members. I found them all one dimensional. Sex. Sex. Sex. It's really hard to relate to a character when they have nothing really to relate to.

    One of the most frustrating parts of the story is the changes in point of view. Although I do like changes in point of view under normal circumstances, it seemed as if the wrong people were chosen for their points of view. Simon really didn't add much to the story, all of his chapters seemed fairly useless. I feel that it would have been a lot better to have had the second point of view be Deacon, because his feelings really seemed to come out of no where. I feel that it would have been more effective to have the basis of the story be around the love interest, and the two men that want her. It just makes more sense than this outside source having his point of view being told every other chapter.

    Also, this is an introduction to the series, which really brings to mind why nothing really happens in the love interest, but it seems so drawn out and boring in spots. I feel that this prequel should have been a bit shorter. Cut out all that dead area and really give the readers the introductions that they need, and not so much extra that really doesn't seem like it would fit. If nothing else, even not adding a different point of view, I'd say at least just cut out Simon, and the book would have been an appropriate length and a lot of that dead weight would have been removed.

    Overall, I feel that I'm being fairly generous with my 2. The writing was solid and it was edited okay, so I couldn't feel justified taking it all the way down to a one, but in all actuality, I really didn't care for the book at all.

    Note: I received a free copy of this book for honest review.

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